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Britannic Technologies is here to support your business through and after COVID-19. Discover our business communications options and digital tools offer to help optimise your remote staff, maintain a consistent CX and accelerate digital transformation.

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Deliver better experiences, adapt to the changing environment. Achieve more!

Rebuild, thrive and disrupt, even through the most challenging times. Our transformation pillars centre around augmenting humans and technology, empowering your customers to self-serve and enabling your business to work in a more agile way.

It’s all about connecting your world.


Business Communications and Digital Transformation Technologies

Implementing Digital as a Service (DaaS) offerings, our solutions will tackle your biggest business problems. Bring together your disparate systems and processes, but in a light touch, low code way delivering efficiencies and better ways of working you never thought possible.

The four pillars underpin our core areas.

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CX & Customer Engagement

Engage customers like never before, create digital customer experiences and increase operational efficiencies. Our options span self-service, contact centre, chatbots, automation and much more.

Enhance my CX

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Connect your organisation, people, services and systems securely. For optimised performance, availability and efficiency across WAN, SD-WAN, LAN, WiFi and Cloud architectures.

Streamline my Business 

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Collaboration is the key to modern productivity. Bring your teams together wherever they are, whenever they want, on any device. Unify your front and back office staff to boost customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Improve Collaboration

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Roadmap your digital journey. With our blend of strategic advice, change management and solution design, we’ll take you where you need to go. With our risk-mitigating, future-proofed approach you’re in safe hands to deliver great projects. 

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We’re the Solutions People.

Problem solving is what we do.

We solve business problems. Any problems. There’s more to us than just being a technology company. We understand what makes businesses tick and have some amazing plug in and go technologies that will set your business apart from the competition. Set us the challenge and see what we come up with!

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What we (and Other Businesses) Learnt from COVID

With the lockdown restrictions gradually lifting, we take some time to reflect and look back on the past year.

The pandemic has caused one of the biggest shakeups in business history, our white paper covers how it’s accelerated digital shift, triggered massive changes for business processes and how we deliver customer experiences.

Get your copy now to see our top 5 learnings!

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Why Process Automation will Never Replace Humans

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We’re here to soothe your worries. This article explains why automation is a positive change for employees and businesses alike. Including the core reasons automation will never replace humans, at least not fully.

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How to Optimise your Student Communications for University Clearing and Student Support

It’s becoming increasingly important to utilise preferred channels for handling student enquiries around university Clearing and student support. Optimise your strategy and engage digital-first students. Learn more about how technology can help you communicate effectively with students during Clearing and support student wellbeing.

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