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In close partnership with our customers and world-leading vendors, only the best.

Providing a great customer experience requires the expertise and solutions that help you meet ever-changing customer demands. We will transition you to a business operating model that is lean and agile.

Innovation, strategy and ambassadors, the contact centre is more than just technology.

Our discovery workshops and cloud-based solutions contribute towards creating an omni-channel experience. Working across your website, email, social media, text, voice, chat, WhatsApp and review sites out the box (but we will give integration with anything a go!). Choose a solution where you can integrate your choice of new products and services as your market and budget dictates.

Systems and application integration

Our netCONNECT platform is the customer experience amplifier; by connecting your communications platform with your CRM and software applications to unlock a smooth information flow. Your telephony-related expenses will start to diminish as productivity rises, reducing the cost to serve.

Discover the power of netCONNECT

Management and reporting

Get complete, real-time transparency, data and historic analytics to help measure the performance of your contact centre. With our partner eco-system we deliver the best-in-class advice and solutions to optimise service levels and identify need for further training and support of agents.

Full contact centre transparency in your hands

Self-service and automation

First call resolution is the customers dream experience, so why deny them? With intelligent call routing and intuitive self-service options. Inbound automation speeds up low touch interactions and frees up your best-skilled contact centre agents to solve complex customer issues and add value to higher value interactions.

Help the customer help themselves

Enhance customer social channels

We help you integrate your social media channels into the contact centre for rapid, personal social service and live interactions with your customers. Issues get resolved on the spot and questions answered to shorten the customer journey accompanied by full and detailed analytics making the agents job faster and easier.

Make your contact centre more social

Your contact centre is in safe hands with us

Kerry Bhella, Operations Director, Rainbow International

I have nothing but praise for Britannic. The quality of service and support, and attention to detail went beyond my expectations. The seamless, uninterrupted transition was thanks to Britannic’s structured onboarding methods and their clear, jargon-free approach. We really were in safe hands, and I feel sure they will guide us well in the future as we continue to transform our customer engagement.

Upgrade your contact centre with digital solutions

Streamline multiple inboxes

Give your contact centre agents complete digital enquiry visibility. INBOX works to automatically read, respond or route your emails, social media interactions, chat, and WhatsApp messages. It can prioritise, categorise, and create queues and tickets for fulfilment.

  • Automates mundane and repeatable processes to allow your agents to focus on priority customers.
  • Non-invasive and rapid deployment
  • Consistent message handling
  • Easy integration with your contact centre

Relieve your agents' stress!

Intent-based chatbot

You can utilise BiziBOT across any channel, from social media sites like Facebook to more traditional platforms like your website. Achieve higher customer service ratings, implement online self-service and increase engagement with customers across your business.

  • Deliver instant routing, FAQs and automated responses
  • Automate the collection of data before passing to an agent, reducing contact time
  • Automate ID&V
  • Chatbots can deliver a 40-80% call deflection rate

Support your busy agents

Level-Up agents with gamification!

Our solution REWARDS will enable you to set appropriate targets for all staff in the contact centre. It will reduce staff turnover, increase your chances of recruiting and retaining talent, encourage behaviours that meet targets and improve the customer experience.

  • Host tournaments and game battles
  • Collect vital agent data
  • Map user performance
  • Enrich the agent experience

Boost employee satisfaction and retention

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