Meet your Legal Requirements

From landline or mobile calls to instant messages and online video communications, we’ll help you meet the legal requirements of the FCA and PCI. 

For financial institutions and firms in highly regulated sectors, we make the contact centre compliant with encrypted, tamperproof call recording solutions and call suppression to meet PCI Data Security Standards.

Alternatively, we provide a cloud PCI solution that helps you process card payments securely over the phone whilst still talking to your customers, greatly reducing the number of PCI controls and simplifying auditing and management. Our PCI solutions integrate with your systems and keep customer data safe.

Understand your Customers

Customers these days expect more, that’s why your experience needs to be improving always.

Our call recording and transcription services help you to capture and evaluate how your customers feel about you.

Understand the areas your business is doing well and where your customer’s frustrations lie. Our recording and transcription services will help you to glean the context, intent and sentiment of every interaction within your business. Voice data is valuable insight into how you can make your customers happier.

Informed Training for your Employees

Train your employees for every thinkable scenario. With recording and transcription services, you can continually improve and personally develop your staff.

Leaving you to easily identify patterns in your customer’s behaviour, present employees with very real scenarios in their training and help understand the areas where your employees need more development and support.

With this you can work to not only develop your contact centre agents and upskill them, but improve the customer experience and continually improve your internal business processes.

Increased Efficiencies and 30 Hours Saved a Month for The IET with a New PCI Solution

Cloud-Based PCI Compliance

Britannic Technologies have been very supportive throughout the project. From guiding us through what we required to designing and deploying the solution and then providing excellent ongoing support throughout.

Lesley Roe, Data Protection Officer,
The Institution of Engineering and Technology

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) had been working on PDQ machines for payments over the phone; this proved time consuming and inefficient. We moved them to SIP telephony and a cloud-based PCI solution to increase efficiencies (30 hours saved a month!) and make compliance easier.

They are now PCI compliant to level 1 and have gained the use of our reliable and flexible SIP portal, NETX2.

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Capture your Voice

Voice is the most effective and efficient form of communication that exists. Time to utilise it. 

Call recording and transcription is essential to be able to hear and analyse what your customers are saying. Britannic are partners with Red Box and ComputerTel, who offer smart call and screen recording solutions that help you train, appraise and stay compliant.

Unleash the power of voice. With your new call and screen recording capabilities, your business will be able to gain invaluable insight into your customer's world. 

Providing data that will help you to:

  • Enhance the customer experience 
  • Reduce the cost to serve 
  • Improve business processes 
  • Communicate how your customers want to communicate

Get More from your Voice Data

Transcription for your Contact Centre

Our service will further enhance your recording solution.

Transcription is vital for leveraging your voice data for compliance, customer experience, employee development, analytics and to investigate and reconstruct events. Gain insight into the conversations taking place around your business. 

Transcription is vital for your business, get your copy of the datasheet now.

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Analyse your Phone Calls with Ease

Leverage your business wide voice data capture.

Tethr analyses entire conversations to understand context and derive meaning, delivering immediate and measurable business value. There are pre-built insight libraries or new AI-powered insight categories and it’s a fast solution to deploy.

Get your copy of the datasheet here to find out more.

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Award-Winning PCI Compliance

Keep your contact centre safe and secure with PCI compliance you can count on.

You don’t want to find yourself involved in a showdown with faceless hackers that are trying to bring down your business. No question, PCI compliance is vital if your business handles card payments over the phone.

Discover how our solution works and why it’s a must have for you.

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