First call resolution starts with smart solution design.

With intelligent call routing and intuitive self-service options you can match your customers to the best people and services needed to resolve their queries quickly and positively. Inbound automation speeds up low touch interactions and frees up your best-skilled contact centre agents to solve complex customer issues and add value to higher value interactions. Software applications connecting front and back office staff make it quick and easy to request help from subject matter experts and provide collaborative resolutions. 

By easily adding desktop sharing to the call your staff can guide customers through forms, documents and websites to improve understanding, add value and close calls with a positive outcome.   Screen recording, voice recording and quality evaluation software help identify those processes and customer journeys that need rethinking to drive ongoing improvement in first call resolution.

Self Service Automation

Maximise your contact centre resource with

Skills-based routing

Intelligent call routing based on CRM records

Call scripts, prompts and workflows

Automatic call distribution

Automated email responses

Web chat Q&A

Presence and collaboration tools

Reporting and analytics

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